About AGI

Many people tyring to engineer the intelligence for the last 50+ years and still not close to it because "intelligence" is still an open question in our time. Engineering the Intelligence require lot of expertise from diverse areas such as Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, Anthropology, Neuro Science etc. Many cognitive architectures have been proposed till date and most of them are still active in development such as SOAR, Sigma, OpenCog, ACT-R, Novamente, AIXI, OOPS and more... Each of them is based on different paradigms, it is worth studying them before attempting to create an architecture.If you want to learn more about "Artificial General Intelligence" follow the below links(works done by greatest minds in the field of artificial intelligence ),
you can learn about Cogvi's AI system here
follow these links to know about the basics to understand and implement "Artificial General Intelligence".

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